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EXXERGY GmbH was established in 1999 as Flytex GmbH, based in Rimsting on the shore of Lake Chiemsee.  Its initial activity focused on developments in the areas of special materials, specialty chemicals, energy and utility supply.

With the acquisition of all shares by Thomas Sauer, the company was renamed in 2006 to EXXERGY GmbH, simultaneously transferring the registered headquarter to Gräfelfing, near Munich.

Step by step, we expanded in the following years from our initially technically oriented consulting firm to covering all key aspects of business and management consulting. In addition to the traditional technology sector, our focus is in the fields of market intelligence, business planning (business planning), strategy development and financing. Recently, in pursuit to satisfying customer requests, we added business processes optimization (based on Total Quality Management - TQM) as well management recruitment and development. Operationally, we also assist our clients in the area of strategic purchasing.  For an  overview of our services, click here.


EXXERGY ® has evolved as a mark of our technologically oriented roots. Energy surrounds us in all life forms and physical states.  Energy cannot be destroyed by any process, but it changes its state in virtually all processes in many ways. Exergy indicates the maximum proportion of the total energy of a system that can be utilized in a work process.  In an ideal process, without changes in temperature (isothermal process), exergy is equal to energy.
Translated to our consulting services, this means that we strive for the highest possible efficiency and effectiveness of all process in which we are involved.  Of course, as realists, we know that we can never quite achieve this.  However, as optimists we support the effort to come to the ideal as near as possible.


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