We want to make a meaningful contribution to improving our environment.  We support companies that share our values, such as companies that offer products, technologies or services that improve the environmental conditions of our planet considerably.  We support companies that respect flora and fauna and take care as much as possible to deal with the resources of our planet, be it at the time of a company start-up or in an expansion phase aiming towards a sustainable company position.  We want to work on the side of companies in all stages of their corporate lifecycle and are particularly eager to face unique challenges that our customers face.

We are not naive.  However, we are confident that through the considerate use of resources we can make a significant, positive impact on our environment - without sacrificing quality of life.


We offer our customers first class consulting services and operational support in all areas in which we have proven expertise.  Taking into account our values, our leadership and business principles, we have one prime objective:  meeting the expectations and high standards of our customers.  We provide tangible improvements in the performance of our clients and contribute towards greater efficiency and sustainability.  On this claim, you can measure us.


We believe that ethics, morality and humanity have a permanent place in the business world and stand for the respectful treatment of fellow human beings, environment and nature - without exception.

We value honesty and distinguish ourselves through honest and ethical conduct.

We ensure quality and safety in the areas of human and environmental, product, service and value.

We focus on effectiveness and vision and achieve the best possible results with a manageable cost.

We feel responsible for  the environment, our colleagues and customers.

We strive for excellence:  This includes and requires openness to reviews of our actions, enabling  and fostering continuous improvement on our part.


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