Energy and Environment

Sustainable energy supply is growing in importance, not only because of global warming, but also because of geopolitical considerations and as well as in the context of long-term availability. Therefore, we focus on the renewable energy sector, in particular on solar energy production in the entire value chain.

Solar Energy


The solar industry offers a significant growth potential. Looking at today's “traditional” energy supply in light of expected availability is becomes clear:  A transformation of energy sourcing is required (and with it a shift in paradigms). In  the coming decades of fundamental growth (discounting the occasional short breaks), all companies acting in this sector will be subjected to permanent changes. Our expertise provides an important part in ensuring that these changes can be tackled successfully.

Smelting and Melting Industries (Glass, Primary Metals, Non-Ferrous Metals)


Products from smelting industries are found in almost all areas of daily life. Thus, there are many packages other than paper/cardboard or plastic.  Instead, they are based on glass or metal which are molten in glass and aluminum plants.  Large quantities of flat glass are also needed in the automotive industry and construction. Special glass and metals also play a significant role in many industrial applications. We help our customers to optimize energy costs: through specific technical measures to reduce the required energy and through business-oriented efforts to improve the conditions of the energy supply contract.   In addition, we optimize the furnace geometry and the combustion/heating technology with the aim of increasing furnace and refractory lifetime.  We think outside the box and offer alternatives to conventional approaches to with extraordinary proposals.
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Through our subsidiary companies NEXXERGY Green Power Trading GmbH and their subsidiaries, we also assist our clients in the area of strategic purchasing of modules, inverters, energy storage systems, and transformers. For more information please click here.


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