A special niche of the aviation and aerospace sector are airships and so called „hybrids“ (so called lighter-than-air, or “LTA” vehicles).  Through the support of large airship projects since the end of the 90’s we have acquired an expertise in this area. Our expertise covers the area of development of special envelope materials and assembly techniques as well as helium supply and filling technologies. Other aspects relate to strategic purchasing and manufacturing of LTA vehicles.



The development or selection of the right combinations of materials in the use of coated fabrics or nonwovens provides a particular challenge for highly stressed structures.  This refers not only to the material itself, but also to the determination of the cutting and joining technology and the connection details.  For special applications in the aerospace industry (i.e., for airships, and other LTA vehicles), in addition to the mechanical requirements, problem and tasks related the helium permeability must be addressed.



Filling or emptying of large-volume gas containers provides a challenge, especially when the pressure has a significant influence on the vessel geometry.

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