Our Alliance for Competence

EXXERGY GmbH is a slim and highly efficient company.  We do not employ large staff of advisers and consultants, but rely on our proven and well-established network as demand dictates - our Alliance of Competence.  Our partners include specialists in various fields at home and abroad who are, of course, of the same high quality as we are and meet the same standards as required by our customers.  Long-standing collaboration as a team and know-how permits us to meet the complex needs of our customers at any time and successfully handle large projects.

Thomas C. Sauer

Thomas C. Sauer, leads EXXERGY GmbH and is the founder of the Alliance of Competence.  The chemical process engineer has years of industry experience in the field of  renewable energy.  He is a proven expert in the fields of solar energy, and in various glass and aluminum melting processes.  As a former CEO of IBC Solar AG and long-time division  manager at Schott Glass / Schott AG he understands the challenges  of the entrepreneur and managers are facing today based on his own experience.  Together with his Alliance of Competence, he supports companies in strategic and organizational realignment, develops sustainable business processes and supports their practical implementation.

Arepo Consult

Arepo Consult advises politically involved individuals, organizations and companies with investments or aligned with strategic projects and programs in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable energy. The company's services include studies, analysis and models of energy systems as well as the influences of policies and programs on these systems.


Dr. Christine Wörlen is the founder of Arepo Consult.  Previously, she served as Head of Renewable Energy at the German Energy Agency “dena GmbH” and has held the position of Manager, Renewable Energy Program at the Secretariat of the Global Environment Facility GEF.  At the German Energy Agency (dena), she led the field of renewable energies, including the activities of the Renewable Energy Export Initiative of the BMWi.  She has a degree in geoecology and obtained her Ph.D. in January 2003 from Boston University.  In the context of teaching assignments and seminars, she regularly lectures on issues such as market development for renewable energies or the inclusion of large amounts of wind power in electricity grids. Most recently, she lectured on the EU renewable energy and climate policy.  In 2010, she published her book "Knowledge is something wrong - renewable energies."

BCI International (USA)

BCI International LLC is an international business expansion/development consultancy engaged with companies intending to grow an existing business or to start and grow specific areas of a business overseas.  BCI’s target markets include the alternate fuels, environmental, cement, food, glass, metals, pharmaceutical, and water treatment segments. The company’s core competency lies in performing due diligence on process technologies employed in these segments, assessing and sourcing new process technologies and leveraging process technologies to accomplish growth objectives in diverse markets.

Peter Wrampe

Peter Wrampe holds advanced degree in chemical engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in chemical engineering.  Upon graduation, he spent more than 40 years of his international career with Praxair Inc of which he spent more than 20 years in senior positions in international business development.  Identifying and developing new market opportunities are one of the many specialties of Peter Wrampe.  He is an expert in building market development teams to capture targeted customers via the introduction of new products and their applications into new markets.  His core competencies also include the development and implementation of business strategies.  He demonstrated this in a variety of industries, including in renewable energy, environmental technology, ceramics, and glass and building materials, in the food and metal and metal processing industries as well as in environmental and waste management.  Peter Wrampe has spent much of his career in Asia, North and South America and Europe.  He speaks fluent German, English and Portuguese and has good French, Italian and Spanish language skills.  He also holds an MBA in International Business at Pace University, New York, and is a member of VDI, VDEh, AIChE, and the AME.

Business Enhancement Solutions (USA)

Business Enhancement Solutions (BES) provides “Strategic Sales Consulting and Mentoring Services” and “Business Analysis Services” including US Market Entry Assessments. BES focuses on companies active in industry sectors such as technology/high tech including solar and green technology, telecom, computer, software, etc. and supports companies with similar management or revenue challenges. BES provides professional tools such as successful sales strategies, systematic and measurable processes and powerful sales management tools, and implements required process improvements with the objectives to increase its client companies’ profitable revenue and the efficiency of sales teams, and to help win major sales projects.

Dr. Gerd Neumann has spent over 25 years in executive management and in consulting. His work spans a spectrum of industries with companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 500.  Prior to founding BES, he was a co-founder and General Partner of Red Hill Partners International,  a U.S. “market- entry” strategy consulting and services company for non-U.S. companies wanting to enter the US market. Earlier Dr. Gerd Neumann was CEO of Nokia Kabel GmbH headquartered in Cologne/Germany with a plant in Nuremberg. He successfully led the company through a major turnaround and developed forward-looking business strategies and re-oriented his business units. Prior to Nokia, he worked as Vice President of Sales in the telecommunication and data network equipment industry with full P&L responsibility for 80 to 100 sales professionals.  His educational background includes a Master and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Cologne/Germany.

Change Partner

Consulting Services Change Partner specializes in the monitoring of change processes.  The core competencies of the company include organizational motivation and optimization,  business process optimization, reorganization and change management, culture change, qualification, training and coaching of key personnel.

Jörn Lommer

Jörn Lommer is an experienced consultant and coach of companies, employees and managers throughout the business process optimization chain and in the initiation and implementation of change processes.  After completing his business administration studies in 1966, he started a successful career as a business consultant, professional trainer and project manager.  He has achieved more than 30 holistic scale optimization and change projects in industrial, service and retail companies.  His personal focus is on management of complex projects and the entire business process optimization.  He conducts in-house project training programs for managers and organizational staff in the methodology and logical thought process for business process optimization.

Klaus Mieslinger

Klaus Mieslinger iis an experienced manager and expert adviser to companies for complex change and process improvement.  After graduating as an engineer in manufacturing technology, he gained experience in the IT sector and accompanied various projects for the development and introduction of modern process-oriented standard solutions for enterprise IT applications.  Since 1988, he has worked as a successful consultant and project manager.  He has has supported and successfully concluded more than 50 different projects in industry and trade and service companies.  His focus in on the design and implementation of comprehensive change processes, the introduction of process management and optimization of structure and organization in sales, development, production and logistics departments.

Alexandros Skempes

Alexandros Skempes Alexandros Skempes is a professional consultant and coach for companies engaged in complex change and improvement processes.  His personal focus is on the analysis, design and successful implementation of integrated process changes, the optimization of building organizations and their work processes as well as the improvement of communication and collaboration across all business areas and different sectors.  After obtaining his degree in industrial engineering, he gained his first experience in the automotive supply industry and supervised several projects for the optimization of design, manufacturing and logistics processes.  Since 1990, he works as a consultant, trainer, project manager and presenter.  He has supported and implemented more than 30 different projects in industry, commerce and the service sector.  He has been a partner and board member of ChangePartner AG since 2006.  Since 2007, he is also active as a lecturer in the MBA program for Process Management at the College of Business and Environment, Nürtingen-Geislingen, Germany.

DC International

DC International specializes in staff development, potential analysis, management audits, goal and target setting, and performance management.  Through focused and practical solutions, DCI’s consultants ensure that the changes implemented in the HR area generate a good ROI for its customers.

Horst Dammer

For over 20 years, Horst Dammer has been successful in consulting in the personnel area. During this time, he implemented programs and systems during which benefited more than ten thousand managers.  In all instances, the realization, that is, the economically measurable change was the prime objective.  Prior to forming DC International, Dammer was the European Managing Director for Development Dimensions International (DDI). There, he led through his employees and advised global top companies such as DaimlerChrysler, GM and SAP.  From 1989 to 2005, the business graduate worked for a Swiss management-consulting firm and was responsible for business in Germany.  In addition to his duties at DC International, he is chairman of the Vexon AG in Munich.


denkstelle specializes in consultancy services for business research, technical and marketing innovation and the development of market and business strategies.  At the outset of each engagement, denkstelle makes the point of first asking the right questions – only the combination of a resilient and unique knowledge basis allows us to develop the right answers and viable solutions.  Thus, with a solid customer and revenue-oriented market strategy, an innovation turns into a successful product.


Georg Fischer studied economics, philosophy, political science and social education and graduated as a social worker and an economist.  He has more than 20 years experience in Business Research, innovation and marketing consulting and strategy development.  His industry focus is on capital goods in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and services in the finance and logistics.  Fischer, was a managing partner of the Strategic Consulting International Business Development Group and co-partner at Eisenach, Freimuth and Kollegen, specializing in product and market development.  He developed role-play sessions, conducted over a number of days, for multinational development seminars, designed a biological wastewater treatment plant in Bahia, Brazil, developed a database-driven content management system for identification of trends and is the author of the book „Warum Benjamin Franklin nicht vom Blitz erschlagen wurde.  Vom Abenteuer Innovation“ (Why Benjamin Franklin was not killed by lightning. The Adventure of Innovation).

Gehrlein Unternehmensberatung

Since 1993, Gehrlein Consulting has been active with medium-sized enterprises throughout Germany.  The company specializes in structured finance of projects and in contract and acquisition financing.  It also provides assistance in financial planning and business plan development and in controlling and in financial reporting.

Ulrich Gehrlein

Ulrich Gehrlein is managing director and sole shareholder of Gehrlein Consulting.  He spent ten years in the lending business of a regional bank, then two years in corporate finance (special financing and investments).  From 1985 to 1993 Gehrlein was managing partner of a private banking subsidiary, focusing on investment advice to companies and investors, IPO advisory and general financial advice.  From 1989 and 1993, Gehrlein Roosendaal GmbH & Co focused on private equity advice in their consulting practice.

Global Solutions Europe

Global Solutions, an established European consultancy, is engaged with global and medium-sized enterprises.  The focus is on innovation, marketing and sales.  The range of services includes analysis, design and implementation support.  Industry focus is, among others, technical investment goods including, financial services and consumer goods.

Andreas Kulick

Andreas Kulick is a partner of Global Solutions Europe and focuses on developing projects in the Business Development space and on Innovation projects in highly innovative markets.  The trained banking operations and communications specialist with 28 years of professional experience advises companies on issues of growth and innovation.  His psychological training and personal experience as a manager of innovation and change projects, as an entrepreneur and an investor, make him a popular discussion partner and coach to executives and entrepreneurs.


HR Horizonte

Personnel consultants hr-horizonte specializes in professional solutions in the field of human resource management.   Focus in the consulting and services portfolio lies in the areas of assessment and potential analysis, training and coaching, and strategic implementation of management tools.

Peter Krumbach-Mollenhauer

Peter Krumbach-Mollenhauer, bank officer and psychologist, is managing director of hr-horizonte GmbH, a personnel consulting for diagnosis, training and systems.  Previously he was a member of the Executive Board and partner at Harvey Nash and Kienbaum Management Consultants.  He has advised his clients for over 16 years in the areas of assessments and management audits, management development and the introduction of management systems (e.g. goal setting and appraisal systems, executive feedback, etc.).  For many years, he trained and coached leaders from the top management up board levels in the topics of leadership, sales, conflict management and negotiation.  In this, he works with many instruments designed to improve the day-to-day leadership activities.  He authored the well known book “Führen mit Psychologie” (Leading with Psychology) and also authored and edited “Die Praxis des Verkaufs” (The Practice of Selling).

Intrix Americas

Intrix Americas LLC is a full service international business development consulting firm which handles research, strategy and implementation. We specialize in assisting US and Europe companies to develop business in Brazil and other South American markets.  Intrix has offices in the US, Brazil (Sao Paulo and Blumenau), Chile, Mexico City and Peru and a wide client list in industrial, energy, chemicals, health care, automotive, and telecoms products.

Jerry Owen is President and Founder of Intrix Americas LLC.  Prior to this, he was President of InterMatrix Inc., an international consulting firm with offices in the US, Europe and Asia.  Jerry Owen also worked for Lex Service Plc, a UK company and was responsible for building a new business for Lex in electronic component distribution in the US, Europe and Asia.  He has international business experience with IBM Europe and Plessey Telecommunications.  Key clients in the energy and electrical products space in Brazil include Motores WEG, Rotork Controls, Engetron, Entergy, Solid State Controls and Trigen.  Mr. Owen has degrees in Physics from Oxford University and an MBA from Windsor, Canada. 

LAB & Company / Penrhyn

LAB & Company is an international recruitment consultancy, specializing in search and selection of top executives in all major market segments.  The company ranks among the top 15 consultancies in Germany and is a member of the global network Penrhyn International.

Penrhyn International is a global alliance of independent executive search firms, which guarantee the highest standards of service in an international environment.  The member companies are market leaders in their respective markets and support their clients by collaborating with Penrhyn International on a global basis.

Frank Beyer

Frank Beyer is co-founder and managing partner of LAB & Company in Munich.  A former officer, for more than 10 years Managing Director and Partner with major international consultancies, he specializes in the areas of high technology, renewable energy, facilities management and food service. Frank Beyer is a successful business coach, speaks several languages and has been Chairman of Penrhyn International since April 2009.


Leanmap is an international operations consultancy, assisting clients worldwide to restructure, stabilize, and expand. The company provides the strategies, world-class solutions, and interim management assistance to solve operational constraints, raise performance levels, and prepare clients for the future. Leanmap operates from hubs in Switzerland, Hong Kong, and the United States to support a worldwide client base: “We are called to optimize operational footprints, lay out new factories, streamline processes, lead transformation programs, and bring mission-critical projects back on track. We thrive on change and enjoy solving problems while leading people to discover new ways of thinking and working – Navigating to Results”.

Jörg Münzing is an expert in industrialization, rationalization, and turnaround management. He is the founder and president of Leanmap, an operations consulting and lean management firm, devoted to make the world more efficient. He holds a master’s degree in business and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He is a certified black belt six sigma and auditor in quality and lean production systems. For large manufacturers he has managed global plant networks, designed and led the implementation of 22 transformation programs in 14 countries. He speaks on the topics of accelerating innovation, quality improvement, lean transformation, and cost reduction. He has consulted with over 50 executive teams to bring their operations performance to a world-class level. Clients include Mercedes Benz, Franke, Landis & Gyr, Detroit Diesel, Navico, Techtronic Industries, Gategourmet. He lives in Switzerland.

Ruediger Manlio-Degenkolb

Ruediger Manlio-Degenkolb is a long standing partner with EXXERGY. His core competence is pushing international active industrial companies towards operational excellence.  His know-how of successfully achieving this goal is based on 18 years managing companies, on a solid academic background in business administration (and psychology) and on his accumulated knowledge as an assistant professor for the topics of human resources, management and marketing.
As a COO of an international 100 Mio.€ company Ruediger Manlio-Degenkolb formed and developed highly efficient management teams to help tackling the challenges to the company’s benefit. He personally developed and executed training programs, business concepts for internationalization and effective human resource management as well as designing corporate visions, strategies and the operative roll out and monitoring of the entire process.
For the last years Ruediger Manlio-Degenkolb applied his knowledge in many consulting projects thus helping his clients achieving operative excellence.

p.i.t. professional

Improve processes, visualize and share information, technology expertise - those are the main strengths of Management Consulting p.i.t.  Professional. In all of this, the focus is on practical implementation, from project support to interim management, from company management to the production floor. The applied methods have been successfully implemented in pharmaceutical packaging, have been optimized, and can easily be transferred to other industries.


Peter Knaus studied chemical engineering at the ETH in Zürich and received his doctorate in the field of Systems Engineering.  Upon conclusion of his studies, he worked first in the area of laboratory automation as Product Manger and global Sales Manager.  He then moved into the packaging industry, with focus on the pharmaceutical segment, and held a number of positions with increasing responsibility, starting with production management and finally leading a section of the business with more than €200 million in revenue.  During this time he was employed by renowned international firms such as Oerlikon Corporation, forma vitrum und Schott Glas.  His personal focus area is the development and implementation of strategy at company and group levels, process optimization and introduction of TQM/TPM at the production level, including the visualization of the improvement processes.  In addition, Peter Knaus has broad experience in all areas of business management, from HR to Finance and Controlling to Production.

SG Power Consulting GmbH

The focus of SG PowerConsulting is on market analysis, coaching and training for companies working in the photovoltaic sector.

Brigitte Schneider-Gmelch

Brigitte Schneider-Gmelch is founder and managing director of SG Power Consulting. Prior to establishing her own company, she has worked as development engineer, production manager and sales manager in several large and mid size companies; in these capacities, she has worked on many international projects. Since 2003, she focuses her career as entrepreneur with a background of 15 years in the semi-conductor industry and more than 20 years in photovoltaics. As master of engineering for physics she is well suited and prepared to transfer her know-how to emerging companies as well as to procurement and sales staff and managers. With her profound methodological knowledge as systemic coach she is able to supporting larger change programs, particularly complementing the capacity of the core team of EXXERGY. As trainer for technology and for sales she has meanwhile conducted more than 200 seminars for more than 3,000 participants.

Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang lives near San Francisco and specializes in the areas of corporate development and project finance. Mr. Wang was formerly a securities analyst at Citigroup Global Capital Markets where he covered the alternative energy sector. Prior to joining Citigroup, he managed investor relations and project finance for Suntech Power. His previous professional experiences include research analysis with Glass Lewis & Co. and international trade administration with the United States Department of Commerce. Mr. Wang holds a bachelor degree in international relations from the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Dr. Sicco Westra

Dr. Sicco Westra resides in the San Francisco, USA bay area and brings extensive expertise in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Business Development with over 25 years of international experience in various executive roles at companies in high-tech business, including being responsible for the commercialization of numerous photovoltaics and energy conservation products.  In his consulting role, Sicco uses data-driven analyses to help customers define their position in their specific business environment.  His specialties are to help customers develop the most effective sales/marketing processes and tools for the targeted market as well as to put metrics in place for measuring  the effectiveness of the sales cycles and thereby increasing the sales success rate.

John T. Brown


John T. Brown is a retired glass melting expert who has 40 years experience with Corning, Inc. John has many experiences in glass melting and in oxy-fuel conversions. John has created 18 patents, and he has published more than 50 papers that are related to solid electrolytes, use of oxygen-fuel combustion for glass melting furnaces and has been involved in nearly all relevant technological aspects of glass and ceramics. From 2002 through 2010, John has assumed the responsibility of technical director of GMIC (Glass Manufacturing Industry Council).

Carol L. Christian

Carol L. Christian is a retired glass engineer with 34 years at Corning Incorporated.  Carol has experience in both manufacturing and corporate staff engineering.  Her manufacturing experience was as Supervisor of Glass Technology and Mixing.  She was responsible for all aspects of glass technology, including control of all plant glass compositions and defect analysis for a broad compositional spectrum of over 30 production glasses, including borosilicate, alkali- and alumino-silicates, soda lime, various colored glasses and high lead glasses for electronic components.  Carol also supervised the plant’s mixhouse, including management of inventories of raw batch materials and cullet, and supervision of maintenance and production personnel.   As a Corporate Senior Raw Material Engineer, Carol was responsible for raw material technical support and quality problem solving, and was a specialist in sampling of raw materials and independent processor interface, i.e.: approval, observation, and/or supervision, as appropriate, with the objective of contamination prevention and maintenance of lot integrities, in such areas as: dry-bulk transport vessels (truck, rail, ocean), strategic storage facilities, secondary processing such as particle size reduction, bagging, trans-loading, sampling, etc.  Since retirement in 2002, Carol has been a consultant in raw materials, principles of sampling, and glass composition.