EXXERGY forges Alliance of Competence

Gräfelfing, 9th of December 2010. The solar industry is in upheaval: The tension between explosive growth and drastic demand variability is growing, resulting in drastic swings between oversupply and supply shortage. Growth and volatility characterize the market and pose great challenges to all companies in the industry. „Whoever wants to survive, needs excellent strategies that are constantly reviewed and adapted to market developments," said Thomas Sauer, President & CEO of EXXERGY Management Consulting. The chemical and process engineer recognized the need for advice in the solar industry and met it through his consulting company. As a former CEO of IBC Solar AG and longtime head of a division of Schott AG, he knows the business perspective from his own experience and understands what its customers expect: No standard solutions, but tailor-made concepts; No generalists, but top specialists.

Thus, Sauer built a network of experts - the EXXERGY Alliance of Competence. "We gather qualified specialists from different areas of business management and consulting," explained Thomas Sauer.
All of them have years of project experience and are among the top experts in their field. The advantage of this approach: interdisciplinary teams can respond flexibly to meet nearly all specific customer requirements and handle large international projects as well. EXXERGY does not fear competition: "We recognize that there are many consulting firms, but the expertise that we offer is hardly available in the industry "emphasized Sauer.  

In addition, the EXXERGY-network is confident of its pricing. "We are certainly not the low-cost supplier in the market, but the value we deliver results in a quick pay-back for the clients," reinterated Sauer. "The pay-back period is rarely more than twelve months." Good for the customer, but also good for EXXERGY Management Consulting, who can look forward to repeat business. "Our Alliance of Competence enjoys good market acceptance because we are set up as an interdisciplinary group and offer operational support as needed," said Jörn Lommer, CEO of Change Partners AG. Together with its partners, he brings 20 years of experience in change management to the Alliance. This experience is now in demand internationally, whose base ranges from Europe, to the USA, China and Japan and beyond.


Thomas Sauer who consults companies in the energy and commodity market founded EXXERGY GmbH in 1999 and commodity market. The focus is on renewable energy and smelting industries. The consulting activity involves all major aspects of business and management services - from business planning, strategy and organizational development to technology transfer, TQM, financing and market intelligence. The Alliance of Comeptence includes BCI International, Change Partners, DC International, thinking body, Gehrlein Consulting, HR Horizonte, LAB & Company, partners in dialogue and PIT Professional.

For more Information contact:

EXXERGY GmbH, Thomas Sauer, President & CEO, +49 89 57954530,  tcs@exxergy.com