EXXERGY expands its position in the US

Gräfelfing, August 31st 2011.  Management Consulting EXXERGY is expanding in the United States.  EXXERGY Director Thomas C. Sauer and Managing Partner (North America) Peter Wrampe collaborate with the American consultancy network Westport Business Solutions (WBS), Westport, CT, USA.

“Having established a sizeable customer base in Europe and Asia, we now want to strengthen our presence in the U.S.”, said Sauer reinforcing his expansion plans.  The solar industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy and the potential customer is large."

To tailor its consulting services to the needs of the American market, EXXERGY is cooperating with Westport Business Solutions (WBS), located in the Greater New York area.  Our American colleagues are able to analyze the specific requirements of the potential U.S. target companies, support acquisition and execution of contracts, and bridge any of the cross-cultural gaps necessary to achieve success.

Sauer sees in WBS an ideal partner.  "The idea of networking is deeply rooted in the American team as it is in ours, and their consultants bring a great depth of experience to the relationship."  The WBS team is enthused about the opportunity to work with an organization as well respected as EXXERGY.  "Our Germany colleagues greatly enhance our network" says WBS’ business leader Nevil Ede.  Ede added, “In addition to the fact that EXXERGY opens the door for us to the rapidly growing solar industry, we are now able to provide a greatly enhanced service platform to our American clients who seek to expand into Asia and Europe.”

Client acquisition is already underway: Several customers were contacted and the first joint project will start soon.

Since 2009 EXXERGY advises companies in the energy and commodity market, with focus on renewable energies and smelting industries. The consulting activity includes all the essential aspects of business and management consultancy - from business strategy planning and organizational development to technology transfer, TQM, financing and market intelligence.  EXXERGY’s Alliance of Experts includes BCI International, Change Partners, thinking body, Gehrlein consultancy, LAB & Company and PIT Professional.

About Westport Business Solutions:
Westport Business Solutions (WBS), based in Fairfield County, CT., is a unique platform of established management consulting practices offering specialized professional services with strong core competencies in multiple practice areas, backed by a proven track record in each.  Additional information may be found at http://www.westportbizsolutions.com

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