EXXERGY drives its global presence further forward

Gräfelfing, November 10th 2011.  EXXERGY continues to expand.  After the entrance into the US market, the Germany based consulting firm reaches out to South American markets.

According to EXXERGY president & CEO Thomas C. Sauer and EXXERGY Managing Partner for the Americas, Peter Wrampe, in particular Brazil is a very interesting market:  “Brazil generates most of its electricity demand with hydro power.  To further develop the energy mix, the Brazilian government has started initiatives to utilize wind and solar power”, Wrampe explains.  An interesting market is about to develop for companies in the Solar sector which will drive the demand for consulting services.

Again, EXXERGY relies on the repeatedly successful network concept.  As the regional partner Sauer was able to team up with Intrix Americas.  Intrix has already an established consulting business throughout South America with a pool of regional experts and a well-functioning network.  Together with EXXERGY, entering the “Renewable Energy” sector is a clear target.  Intrix President Jerry Owen is excited about the collaboration with Sauer:  “We view the cooperation with EXXERGY as a unique opportunity to get established in the field of Renewable Energies.”

Also EXXERGY benefits from this win-win situation cooperating with Intrix:  The German based consulting firm can deploy its sector specific expertise as well in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile and benefits from locally established contacts.  “It is remarkable how fast we have been able to establish top level contacts with the support from Intrix”, said Sauer.  He already rates the entry of EXXERGY in the South American market as a success already now:  “We are currently in the process of negotiating a number of tangible projects and expect to start the first consulting projects shortly.”


Since 2009 EXXERGY advises companies in the energy and commodity market, with focus on renewable energies and smelting industries. The consulting activity includes all the essential aspects of business and management consultancy - from business strategy planning and organizational development to technology transfer, TQM, financing and market intelligence.  EXXERGY’s Alliance of Experts includes BCI International, Change Partners, Denkstelle, Gehrlein Unternehmensberatung, LAB & Company and PIT Professional. 

About Intrix Americas:

Intrix Americas LLC is a full service international business development consulting firm which handles research, strategy and implementation.  They specialize in assisting US and Europe companies to develop business in Brazil and other South American markets and Brazilian and other South American clients to develop in US Europe and Asia.  Intrix has offices in the US, Brazil (Sao Paulo and Blumenau), Chile, Mexico City and Peru and a wide client list in industrial, energy, chemicals, health care, automotive, and telecoms products.  For more information, see http://www.intrixcorporation.com/

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