EXXERGY is a new member of PV EXPERTS

Gräfelfing, June 20 th, 2011. The solar industry is facing tremendous challenges. Competition is getting more severe and places producers under high efficiency and cost pressures. Decreasing feed-in tariffs, politically induced fluctuations in demand and the desire to introduce photovoltaic and semi-finished products at lower cost and faster into the market, leads to more complex tasks.

To optimally support customers in the photovoltaic industry with their complex and ambitious rapid expansion projects has prompted leading consulting and engineering companies to form a global knowledge network - the PV Experts. Newest member of this network is EXXERGY, a management consultancy based in Gräfelfing, Germany.

EXXERGY President & CEO Thomas C. Sauer is a renowned solar expert and committed networker.  “Groups of experts working on behalf of their customers in a highly efficient and solution-oriented manner is the way of the future”, said Sauer. His own company, EXXERGY has used this approach forging an Alliance of Competence, a team of experts working on specific projects already for some time. This approach fits very well into the concept of PV Experts. "Certainly, the belief in the success of real networks is a strong commonality”, said Thomas Schmitz, Managing Director of MPM-tec and a founding member of PV Experts. The partners see another advantage in the extension of their competence networks. While the current members of PV Experts focus mainly on issues related to technology, production and engineering, EXXERGY will now add the fields of management, strategy and finance.  "An excellent addition!" emphasized Schmitz.

The synergies will be mostly used to benefit the customers. "Together we can offer a holistic consulting approach and combine technological expertise in the areas of strategy, finance, market perspective, staff development and TQM”, explained Sauer. The advantage of this is: interdisciplinary teams can respond flexibly to meet nearly all customer requirements and also large international projects.

The PV Experts not only complement each other professionally.  Personally, the group/team fits together very well. "The interpersonal chemistry between the members is remarkable”, "said Schmitz and names it one of the secrets of success of the network. The PV Experts www.pvexperts.org operate under a common website and participate at major industry trade fairs with a shared booth. Premiere for the new addition EXXERGY will be the PVSEC on September 5th through 9th in Hamburg.

Since 2009, EXXERGY advises companies in the energy and commodity market. The focus is on renewable energy and smelting industries. Consulting activities cover all major aspects of business and management consultancy services - from business planning, strategy and organizational development to technology transfer, TQM, financing and market intelligence. The alliance of expertise includes BCI International, Change Partners, denkstelle, Gehrlein Consulting, LAB & Company and PIT Professional.

For further information, contact:

EXXERGY GmbH, Thomas Sauer, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Am Wasserbogen 28, 82166 Gräfelfing, T +49 89 579574530, Mail: tcs@exxergy.com