Consultancy Services

EXXERGY’s consultancy services further your business success

Making your business more successful is the core value of EXXERGY. This is only achievable by listening to our clients, understanding the challenges and integrating their key managers. This will result in a tailor made consulting approach working out solutions which hit the spot with a high degree of realism, pragmatism and chance of success.
EXXERGY succeeds in doing so by generally following 5 important project steps:
1. Clear understanding of the challenge
2. Defining measurable project goals
3. Managing data: Data collection (internal / external), validation, analysis evaluation
4. Developing fields of improvement
5. Developing executable milestone plan with reporting

EXXERGY is happy to help you in the following main areas of consulting:

PV-Module Manufacturing Optimization

Optimization along the entire value chain of PV-module manufacturing

Module manufacturer usually cover the entire value chain of the manufacturing process. EXXERGY defines the principle level of value steps as follows:

  • Purchasing: choosing of high quality components and materials according to specification and competitive prices
  • Ingot manufacturing
  • Wafer manufacturing
  • Cell manufacturing
  • PV-module assembly
  • Final quality control, packaging, and shipping

EXXERGY can offer to not only optimize each of these value steps and their sub-steps but also to take care that all steps are interlinked to ensure production excellence and highest productivity.

AND: We do offer a similar optimization for inverter manufacturers.

Whom does EXXERGY address with the PV-module manufacturing optimization?

Naturally, optimizing a manufacturing process is a core issue for senior level technical-, production- and quality-managers, including COOs. From EXXERGY’s point of view prerequisites to optimization is openness towards sharing parameters about your production process with EXXERGY, openness towards alternative suggestions in the production process and openness towards change processes.

EXXERGY optimizes with utmost care, know-how and experience

How does EXXERGY actually keep its promise to help you optimizing your production ? The EXXERGY optimization of a manufacturing process has the following main dimensions:

  • Bill of materials (BOMs) and specifications
  • Production data
  • Process descriptions, job descriptions and standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Shop-floor work process observation, measurement, monitoring, and supervision
  • Qualification and training of staff and staff management procedures
  • Machinery, equipment and tools
  • Quality management
    EXXERGY recommends for all these dimensions and along the entire value chain of PV-module manufacturing (see above: purchasing, ingots, wafers, cells etc.) a thorough analysis:
  • Defining the status
  • Defining benchmarks
  • Measuring possible gaps
  • Evaluating theses gaps calculating the quantitative potential for optimization
  • Defining possible action items to close gaps

EXXERGY will do this with the utmost care incorporating the experience and know-how of senior specialists for each production step. For EXXERGY, the key to successful and sustainable optimization is in not only analyzing the hard technical facts but also to include and develop soft and qualitative aspects addressing attitudes and interactions of shop floor workers and management team members responsible for each manufacturing step. The results of this analysis will be summarized in detail in a comprehensive EXXERGY report.

PV-module manufacturing optimization by EXXERGY equals big advantages

  • Identifying and realizing potentials for productivity optimization throughout the entire value chain of your manufacturing company
  • Reducing costs thus creating higher profitability and possibly a more aggressive pricing position in the competitive market
  • A quantum leap in your product quality and thus in your potential in marketing and commercializing your high quality products
  • A first stepping stone towards a continuous improvement process which offers sustainable success
  • A first stepping stone towards process excellence, optionally including the utilization of the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) model

Worried about the costs of a PV-module manufacturing optimization project?
EXXERGY can of course analyze only singular defined production steps according to your wishes. EXXERGY can also do a rough and quick pre-analysis pointing out where the most lucrative issues with the highest leverage for optimization are hidden and then concentrate on those issues only.
EXXERGY has improved productivity in many companies and from that experience EXXERGY knows that the project investment will typically payback in months. Of course, only if all recommendations for optimization suggested by EXXERGY are realized.

Realizing found potentials is most important

Just having done a report pointing out possible potential for optimization will not be enough. All the action items mentioned in the report should be put into action as soon and as cost saving as possible. EXXERGY can help with this follow-up:

  • Designing follow-up projects and feasibility studies leveraging the potentials found along the productivity improvement process
  • Introducing new methods, instruments and processes into your manufacturing process
  • Training your staff towards real and continuous productivity improvement, high quality and teams thriving for excellence guaranteeing sustainable overall success

Manufacturer Audit

The EXXERGY manufacturing audit: A product for you?

With this manufacturer audit, EXXERGY addresses CEOs and COOs as well as senior managers of manufacturing companies in the PV sector with areas of responsibility in

  • Production
  • Product and service development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Application development
  • Customer / project financing

Raising potentials on the way to corporate excellence

Compared to the automotive industry, the PV-industry is still relatively young. Given EXXERGY’s inside experience, the potential for optimization is thus very high - throughout the entire value chain of the PV-industry. This finding also suggests that the way to corporate excellence might be long.
To raise hidden productivity potentials, EXXERGY offers a unique and extensive manufacturing audit. This audit is a fair third party review of your manufacturing processes with focus on product quality consisting of a 360-degree approach. Not only the entire production value chain is audited but also management and process capabilities, product quality and the financial situation of the company.
Therefore this audit is also a corner stone towards making your products bankable (see Project Bankability).

A thorough audit by EXXERGY

The EXXERGY audit thus consists of 5 parts:

  • Factory audit
  • PV park performance
  • Product quality
  • Review of structure, processes and service
  • Review of financials and securities

Each part of the audit will be executed by long standing senior PV-industry specialists from the EXXERGY network of experts. Exclusive audit tools and benchmarks will be used resulting in a well founded and detailed audit report, a transparent rating of the results and of course lists of action items helping to realize the above mentioned productivity improvement potentials.
By the way: This audit design was initiated and designed by EXXERGY in cooperation with TÜV-Rheinland and is approved by HDI-Gerling and MunichRe for insurability and bankability purposes and will likely be accepted by major financing banks. Amongst other aspects, insurability and bankability require that a manufacturer provides high quality products (PV-modules, -inverters etc.) backed by currently - and presumably in future – sufficient company solidity. In a nutshell, the financing bank can assume that a loan facility provided by the bank exposes the bank to a much reduced risk from product failure. In turn, making your PV-products bankable furthers your opportunities to push sales.

This EXXERGY audit offers substantial benefits to your company

  • Identifying potentials for productivity optimization throughout the entire value chain of your manufacturing company
  • A unique 360 degree view suggesting also how different parts of the company work together and to what extent process orientation is established
  • A status of your current production capabilities, a review of your past product quality in the market and a look into the future prospects of your company
  • A quantum leap in your product quality and thus in your potential in marketing and commercializing your high quality products
  • A first stepping stone towards a continuous improvement process which offers sustainable success
  • A first stepping stone towards insurability and bankability for your products enhancing a possible sales push

Worried about the costs of such an extensive audit? EXXERGY has audited many companies and from that experience, EXXERGY knows that the project investment will typically payback in months. Of course, only if all recommendations for optimization suggested by EXXERGY are realized.

We don’t leave you alone

Optimizing a company towards manufacturing excellence, leading edge high quality products, commercial success and sustainability is a never ending story. EXXERGY can take you by the hand and help you along the path of continuous improvement:

  • Designing follow-up projects and feasibility studies leveraging the potentials found in the audit
  • Introducing new methods, instruments and processes into your manufacturing process
  • Re-auditing the company to revitalize the started improvement process

Business Due Diligence

EXXERGY can help you researching and assessing what a company and its business is all about

EXXERGY’s primary goal of a due diligence consists of a sound assessment of a company and its business perspective by information given by that company and external secondary research. Thus, for EXXERGY, a due diligence is a process of validating the information about a company and its business.
It is very common that a third party wants to assess the situation of a given company and its business. Such third parties can be for example:

  • Banks and insurances
  • Investors
  • Other market players in the industry who have an interest in this company

The reasons for this can be for example:

  • Merger and acquisition processes such as a takeover, buy-out, minority investments etc.
  • A review of a given strategy, business plan, or cash flow projection to generate a viable third party opinion on these topics prior to major stake holder decisions
  • Generating a starting point for a new strategic alignment of a company

What is the competitive advantage engaging EXXERGY for a due diligence?

EXXERGY is in a very good position to support you, as:

  • Many solar market-players such as e.g. PV-module and PV-inverter manufacturers have already worked successfully with EXXERGY and all necessary business contacts and relations between those companies and EXXERGY are well established
  • EXXERGY has a high cross cultural competence bridging possible communication gaps between the major Chinese market players and the Western World
  • EXXERGY is the expert in the global PV-industry
  • EXXERGY combines a top level of expertise of technical orientation and business administration know-how by senior EXXERGY consultants
  • EXXERGY masters a wide availability of analytic tools, benchmarks and primary and secondary research designs to generate or validate information
  • EXXERGY has successfully developed business plans, cash flows and corporate strategies for international players in the PV-industry

EXXERGY’s due diligence: a professional path

EXXERGY works along a professional and proven path to generate a due diligence as an added value process for you:

  • Clarifying the extent of goals, focus and possible results of the due diligence
  • Defining precisely the object of the due diligence
  • Defining key parameters of the due diligence such as currencies, envisioned time scopes, coverage of markets (products and regions)
  • Defining the extent of the data-room
  • Analyzing the data-room given, defining benchmarks, identifying information gaps and filling them from the following perspectives:
    o Past, present, future
    o Customers, competitors, suppliers
    o Internal vs. external view
    o Departmental perspectives: finance, sales/marketing, technology, supply chain etc.
  • Evaluating the findings and pointing out serious key issues for future risks and chances, challenges and opportunities
  • Generate business scenarios including projections of profit and loss and cash flow statements as well as of balance sheets

The results will of course be summarized for you in a comprehensive due diligence report. A presentation of the key findings and the moderation of workshops reflecting and discussing the findings and possible further action steps will make round the due diligence approach.
If deemed helpful, EXXERGY will validate these findings by visiting the company and will check on site factory processes, management capabilities and shop floor performance.

Due diligence by EXXERGY result in major advantages

Identifying more accurately the real situation of a company resulting in executable operative consequences

  • Linking different perspectives (market, manufacturing, management etc.) to a coherent “picture” or “story line”
  • Establishing a fair estimate of a company’s chances to be sustainably successful including an outline of required circumstances and change initiatives
  • Providing an opinion on whether an investment or credit facility can be paid back as foreseen
  • Providing a list of tangible measures to improve the business situation including a rough assessment on the required investments

EXXERGY’s support for you does not end here

Just having done a due diligence as described might be short sighted. EXXERGY will support you if necessary on the future path:

  • Designing tailor made strategies, business plans, action plans, cash flows etc. according to the findings of the due diligence process
  • Coaching of communication processes between the top-management of the company and the contracting organization of the due diligence about findings and results of the due diligence
  • Taking over important operative change management initiatives towards success such as:
    o Training staff towards real and continuous productivity improvement, high quality and business excellence guaranteeing sustainable success
    o Communication activities within the company or with external business partners
  • Checking the feasibility of technical or commercial improvement projects

PV-Park Project Bankability

What is PV-park project bankability?

EXXERGY understands by project bankability that a PV-park can be financed by leveraging a bank loan on a non-recourse basis supported by solid expectations that the PV-park performance will return the loan and interest rate.
Deriving from a quality assurance perspective, there are 4 key requirements:

  • Products (PV-modules, -inverters) chosen for the PV-park need to be of a very high quality
  • The manufacturing companies of these products need to be of a high solidity in terms of quality assurance and of financial background
  • The PV-park is designed and built to state-of-the-art standards by an EPC company that as well is sufficiently solid both in terms of quality assurance and of financial background
  • The operation and maintenance (O&M) is professionally performed with diligence supported by a good data logging and storage system

If these 4 requirements are fulfilled, the financing bank of this envisioned PV-park can assume that the risk of default of pay-back of the loan and interest payments due to product, construction or O&M failure in this PV-park is reduced to an acceptable level.
To get a PV-park project bankable, EXXERGY offers a comprehensive auditing sequence incorporating 4 steps; this audit is highly likely to be accepted by leading banks.

The EXXERGY PV-park project bankability audit: A product for you?

With this bankability audit, EXXERGY addresses CEOs, COOs and senior managers at following types of companies in the PV-sector:

  • EPC companies
  • PV-park project developers
  • Investors in PV-parks
  • Manufacturing companies of PV-modules and -inverters

How EXXERGY helps you to get a PV-park project bankable

One important pre-requisite to get your PV-park project bankable is the bankability of the manufacturers of the key components (PV-modules, -inverters). The bankability of these manufacturers can be secured by executing a thorough bankability audit ensuring a sufficient rating (see also EXXERGY audit).
To further make a PV-park project bankable, EXXERGY recommends the following 4 steps to be executed:
1. Production supervision
The production of the PV-park components of bankable manufacturers for a given PV-park is supervised by EXXERGY ensuring that products are produced according to agreed specifications and standard operating procedures (SOP).
2. PV-park construction supervision
This step will ensure that the design of the PV-park as well as its construction meets state-of-the-art professional standards.
3. PV-park approval
Right before linking the PV-park to the grid, the entire PV-park will be checked according to an extensive checklist to ensure that safety and quality standards are met.
4. Check of operation and maintenance (O&M) data logging logic
EXXERGY will check the relevant performance data logging concept to identify gaps in the monitoring concept. This is to ensure that planned to actual performance can continuously be tracked and that corrective action, if necessary, can be launched swiftly so that the performance of the PV-park stays on track.
Of course all results of each audit step will be documented in a comprehensive audit or supervision report. Each part of the audit or supervision sequence will be executed by long standing senior PV-industry specialists from the EXXERGY network of experts.
By the way: This audit and supervision design was initiated and designed by EXXERGY in cooperation with TÜV-Rheinland and is approved by HDI-Gerling and MunichRe for bankability and insurability purposes.

This EXXERGY PV-park project bankability audit offers vital advantages

The key advantage is getting your PV-park project bankable meaning:

  • Banks are more willing to finance your PV-park project
  • Conditions of financing (i.e. interest / leverage rate) are likely to be more favorable
  • Your PV-park has a higher chance of being realized
  • A reduced risk of technical default in the PV-park performance
  • Positioning yourself as a high quality player in the industry
  • Your PV-park is more marketable meaning that given the audit and supervision reports, it can be sold easier and likely at a higher price

For you EXXERGY reduces the complexity of the PV-park project bankability audit

This project bankability audit is a complex and work intensive task. But it is worth it as it offers unprecedented sales advantages for your company. EXXERGY will facilitate the process towards bankability by:

  • EXXERGY being your singular partner who organizes and coordinates all steps towards project bankability for your
  • EXXERGY offers to design and conceptualize as well as take part in a banking road-show to present your PV-park project and your company so that bankability is reached at as many banks as necessary for your success

Strategy Development

A strategy is a clear picture of what to achieve and how to do it

But how to get this clear picture ? Usually via a process called strategy process where your specific business environment is analyzed from all angles and compared with your company’s position and its capabilities. To do so, it is important to understand the past and present but also to derive assumptions for the future.
From EXXERGY’s experience important features of a corporate strategy but also of partial strategies (sales strategy, HR strategy etc.) should be a realistic ambitiousness in strategic goals, pragmatism, creativity, an integrated approach, a communicable strategy paper and a well described path towards success for the next 3 to 5 years that is subject to being monitored.
Critical top-level elements and preconditions for a strategy process are the corporate vision and mission as well as corporate values. Finally a corporate strategy usually consists of a Powerpoint presentation including all relevant external and internal information and action items as well as a business plan for the next 3 to 5 years that can be used to support the corporate planning process.
The influence of a well worked out strategy on the overall company’s survival, competitiveness, sustainable success and profitable growth is very high.

The EXXERGY strategy support: A product for you?

First of all, it is evident that all top performing companies which are leading in their field of business have achieved this position partly due to a well worked out and executed strategy. As a result, EXXERGY sees it commendatory for all businesses to have a corporate strategy. As this is a high level and important matter, EXXERGY addresses with its services CEOs, board members and managing directors supporting the corporate strategy process.

How EXXERGY helps you to work out a corporate strategy

EXXERGY has a very experienced cross-functional team with decades of experience in strategy, organizational development, and change management.The team consists of senior managers with a wealth of operational management experience.
Whether you just need to verify or get a second opinion regarding an existing strategy or start afresh with a new strategy process, EXXERGY is happy to support you throughout this work process.
Although strategy work by EXXERGY is tailor made only for your business, our successfully proven approach that has been used many times already can consist of 5 steps:
1. Understanding clearly the strategic challenge of your business, focusing on
• Analyzing your business environment and your business figures
• Defining and working on important work packages guaranteeing that all preliminaries are met
• Identifying show-stoppers and pre-requisites
2. Defining measurable strategic goals that are realistically ambitious
3. Collecting, analyzing, and evaluating internal/external data by applying special EXXERGY know-how
4. Designing your tailor-made corporate strategy reflecting and meeting market requirements of the future while taking the strengths and weaknesses of your organization into account
5. Defining an executable milestone plan
From EXXERGY’s experience along this process, a transfer of strategy process know-how from EXXERGY to your company will take place as all your relevant managers for this process will be integrated in the actual strategy workshops and work packages. This way, the responsible managers are buying into the strategy creating a level of commitment so that the strategy becomes tangible.

Why choose EXXERGY as your partner for your strategy process?

  • EXXERGY has a proven track record in supporting successfully strategy processes with measurable positive results
  • EXXERGY possesses essential know-how in strategy processes with the capability to develop unique tailor-made strategies and thus sustainable success
  • EXXERGY has decades of experience in the renewable energy sector, the glass sector, and the industrial gases sector.
  • EXXERGY consultants are well connected in the sectors served with the capability to provide follow-up support in pursuit to operationally implement the strategy

After the strategy process is before the strategy process

After your corporate strategy has been approved by the company’s stake holders, putting the strategy into action is necessary. To do so, EXXERGY offers support in:

  • Communicating your strategy throughout your business creating employee involvement and success
  • Integrating strategic goals into daily business and performance
  • Routine monitoring and review of the current strategy
  • Closing strategic and operative performance gaps

… and last but not least review the overall corporate strategy and if necessary start on the next level strategy 2.0.

Product Development

The importance of product development

Products are what a company sells what they get paid for and which define their existential base. A product can be a physical object like a PV-modul but also a service like managing and monitoring the performance of a PV-park. The importance of developing new products and services is defined by the theory, that successful new products can be sold at a higher price thus generating profitability, competitive advantage and USPs (unique selling proposition) which are vital to the marketing and the image of a company.
There are many hurdles to overcome until substantial profitable turnover with new products is generated:

  • Market oriented alignment, penetration and orientation of the entire organization
  • Well established communication processes between marketing/sales and technical departments
  • Well functioning product development processes incorporating flexibility and swiftness
  • Business planning and funding for new product development along the whole life cycle of a new product
  • Efficient roll out processes in marketing and sales to cash in on new products
  • Technical support and effective product application management for ultimate customer satisfaction

The risk of failure in the development and launch of new products is very high. EXXERGY is devoted to reduce this risk by supporting your product development with EXXERGY’s product development hands-on experience, expertise knowledge, and operative help.

The EXXERGY product development support: A product for you

As the product development process is a very complex process which nearly integrates all parts of an organization, EXXERGY addresses a wide range of top-level managers who hold responsibility for successful product development, such as:

  • Product development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Technical functions

Optimizing product development: How is it done?

EXXERGY incorporates a wide international knowledge and hands-on experience in successfully optimizing product development processes. This is the result of a well balanced technical, marketing/sales, and organizational management driven approach. Here is a rough description of how EXXERGY can succeed in doing so:

  • Status: analyzing the current product development process, product success and product failure, the new product pipeline and product life-cycle management as well as the necessary planning and budgeting process
  • Understanding how the current market intelligence and smartness is generated and leveraged into corporate added value work such as developing new products
  • Understanding the process of commercializing new products
  • Identifying showstoppers in the organization and their processes
  • Neutral third party analysis and evaluation of all necessary processes and developing tailor made value adding recommendations for optimization
  • Adjusting, redesigning all necessary processes or process parts to overcome shortcomings in the entire product development process, address market requirements and incorporate unique EXXERGY expertise and tools
  • Insuring that processes can be monitored and that exit criteria are well defined and adhered to

EXXERGY has experienced it to be very successful, if EXXERGY consultants can integrate themselves as much as possible into your organization by joint workshops, training, coaching daily work and working together in optimizing the necessary processes.

EXXERGY thrives for generating benefits in your company

  • Exact market orientation of your product development process and your new products
  • Higher efficiency of your process, shorter time to market and reduced failure rate of new products
  • Penetration and alignment of your entire organization according to market orientation
  • Optimized communication routines between marketing/sales and technical departments
  • Well founded planning and funding for new product development projects, which can be monitored and actively managed
  • Holistic approach to commercializing new products through the entire international organization by a well defined roll-out process

New product pipelines and product life cycle management

To penetrate your organization with the new product development process will not result from one singular successful new product launch. EXXERGY can further help you to repeat routinely this success and continuously fill your pipeline of new products enabling your company to swiftly and actively shape future profitable markets and conquer their potential. EXXERGY also supports the “in-and-out” of new products by supporting an active life cycle management.

Conference Speaker Thomas C. Sauer

Thomas C. Sauer: A renewables expert and conference speaker well in demand

EXXERGY would not be able to offer top consulting services for the renewable industry on all levels, if EXXERGY did not possess the necessary in-depth market knowledge. This knowledge stretches over the following areas:

  • Sources of energy
  • Market definition, sizes and future development
  • Regions
  • Market players
  • Market rules
  • Infrastructure
  • Political conditions and general regulations
  • Technology
  • Frame conditions such as financing, marketing, quality issues
  • Etc.

EXXERGY’s sources of information are manifold: First hand information from meetings with international top managers of the industry, discussions with important governmental bodies and of course the analysis of important studies and expert papers. But this alone would not create the EXXERGY added value intelligence for your conference: Years of experience in the renewables industry and the well balanced sales/marketing, technology and strategy approach lead to sharp and on the spot information about a chosen topic.
This in turn leads to information being conveyed in a transparent way, thesis are carefully chosen and argued and last not least evaluation and recommendations are given.
And not to forget: EXXERGY is an independent company which values a fair and neutral, third party evaluation of a given topic without biased opinionating.
A usual speaker engagement includes a Powerpoint presentation, a short summary or press article about the topic and a participation in panel discussions.

Presentations and speeches held by Thomas C. Sauer, CEO EXXERGY


March 2012 Hogan Lovells/EXXERGY – Workshop, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
“How to go forward? - Outlook on the Future Market Development and Strategic Implications“

March 2012 HDI-Gerling 3. Münchener Branchen-Forum Erneuerbare Energien
“Internationaler Branchenausblick Photovoltaik: Ansätze für den Weg aus der Krise”

September 2012 Hogan Lovells / EXXERGY – Workshop, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
“PV Markt – Quo Vadis: New Business Models in Rough Times“

September 2012 AGRION Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany
“The Solar Sector in Times of Crisis”

October 2012 Solarpraxis Conference, Shanghai, China
“Requirements, Considerations, and Solutions for successful PV Project Financing and Returns“

November 2012 13. Forum Solarpraxis, Berlin, Germany
“PV Power Plants: Risk assessment and the role of insurance coverage”

April 2013 OTTI Seminar at TÜV Rheinland
“Neue Konzepte zur Qualitätssicherung und zu Versicherungslösungen als Schlüssel für die Projektfinanzierung der Zukunft“

May 2013 Fifth Annual Business of Clean Energy in Alaska Conference
"The World Around Us: International Clean Energy Markets“

October 2013 PVSEC, Paris, France
"New Concepts of Quality Assurance and for Insurance Solutions as Essential Keys for Future PV Project Financing“

November 2013 14. Forum Solarpraxis, Berlin, Germany
“Financing of PV Parks: Status of risk mitigation and the role of insurance solutions”

March 2014 Huawei customer conference, Ge’Er’Mu, Qinghai Province, P. R. China
“European photovoltaic power plant construction, operation, and maintenance experience”

April 2014 Jones Day / EXXERGY Workshop, Frankfurt, Germany
“Overview regarding the development and the challenges in selected regions of MENA”

September 2014 BMWi / AHK German Export Initiative Conference, Dammam, Saudi Arabia
“Photovoltaics: New Concepts for Quality Management and for Insurability as a Key for Future Project Financing”

October 2014 BMWi / AHK German Export Initiative Conference, Muscat, Oman
“Photovoltaics: Considerations, requirements, and applications for off-grid energy supply”

Other Consultancy Services


EXXERRGY offers a multitude of support

There are loads of more capabilities and competences at EXXERGY. Some are summarized in the list below which might be helpful for your business.
And by the way: EXXERGY offers these services not only for the renewable energy industry; there is a proven track record in other industries such as financial services, glass manufacturing, aerospace and industrial gases.

  • Corporate Strategy
    o Marketing and sales strategy
    o Market entry strategy
    o Organizational development and structuring
    o Business due diligence
  • Markets
    o Market research and analysis
    o Product development
    o Sales effectiveness optimization
    o Operational market entry support
    o Operational procurement support
  • Finances
    o Project bankability
    o Business planning
    o Financing structures
    o Fund raising
    o Business assessment
    o Performance warranty insurance
  • Human Resources
    o Management assessment
    o Performance management
    o Training programs
    o Recruitment
    o Individual support: Coaching
  • Technology
    o Manufacturer audits
    o Technology transfer
    o Product development
    o Production process and productivity optimization
    o Technical due diligence
    o Technical feasibility assessments



Green Power projects: Facilitation of the acquisition of solar and wind farms from projects in various stages of approval mature projects on turn-key systems to already in-use parks.

Capital Funding: equity, debt

Purchasing: Through our subsidiary companies NEXXERGY Green Power Trading GmbH and their subsidiaries, we also assist our clients in the area of strategic purchasing of modules, inverters, energy storage systems, and transformers. If you are interested, please contact



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Through our subsidiary companies NEXXERGY Green Power Trading GmbH and their subsidiaries, we also assist our clients in the area of strategic purchasing of modules, inverters, energy storage systems, and transformers. For more information please click here.


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